Who We Are

KHETHINEXT Platform enables digital agriculture transformation, is a product of PALS AGRI eCONNECT PRIVATE LIMITED. This platform supports small farm holding farmers to reduce their cultivation costs,improve their crop productivity, obtain higher remunerative prices and connect with financial institutions through virtually connecting with rest of the agriculture ecosystem, likes input agencies, agriculture experts, produce buyers, financial institutions, policy makers and government extension officers. KHETHINEXT delivers the following services to small farm holders to improve their livelihood:

  • Connect with agriculture experts on a near real-time basis to seek advisory through data-driven insights to facilitate farm and farmer specific recommendations.

  • Provide farm inputs directly from manufacturers and connect with custom hiring centres, thereby enabling access to quality farm inputs at cost effective prices.

  • Connect with financial institutions and provide access to financial schemes and credit facility for purchasing farm inputs. Also, provide access to crop insurance.

  • Connect with potential buyers and provide visibility of farmers produce along with crop details like crop variety, quantity and price and also provide visibility of buyer's requirement to farmers. This virtual linkage to markets allows farmers and farmer groups to negotiate better remunerative price.

  • Connect with different agencies and provide visibility of various schemes and benefits extended to farmers and provide insights on farmers and their farming to various stakeholder institutions viz. government agencies, input manufacturers, buyers and experts.

  • Provide Traceability of activities performed during cultivation to Buyers and consumers through Blockchain Technology.
Management Team

KHETHINEXT Management team is a group of people having over 30 years of experience in agiculture domain, empowering farmers and rural communities and enabling digital transformation solutions. Having this vast experience, this management team has envisioned KHETHINEXT to enable digital agriculture transformation in helping famers improve thier livelihood.